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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mclaren always I'm going to start with the closest relative to me and move onward from there. 
Hope this helps!
Maiden names are in the parenthesis.
Christina McKee (Mclaren)
Born: May 1st, 1865 in New Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
Parents: Robert Mclaren & Christina Earle(s)
Married: James McKee in 1885
Died: Date Currently Unknown.
1. Isabella McKee b. 1891

Robert Mclaren
Born: 1836 in Ireland
Parents: Robert Mclaren & Janet Hillend
Married: Christina Earle(s) on Sept. of 1854 in New Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
groom's name:Robert Mclaren
groom's birth date:
groom's birthplace:
groom's age:
bride's name:Christina Earl
bride's birth date:
bride's birthplace:
bride's age:
marriage date:Sep 1854
marriage place:New Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
groom's father's name:
groom's mother's name:
bride's father's name:
bride's mother's name:
groom's race:
groom's marital status:
groom's previous wife's name:
bride's race:
bride's marital status:
bride's previous husband's name:
indexing project (batch) number:M19602-1
system origin:Scotland-ODM
source film number:1066601

Occupation: Spirit Merchant
Died: March 11, 1888
1. Robert Mclaren b. 1856
2. James Mclaren b. 1861
3. John Mclaren b. 1862
4. Christina Mckee (Mclaren)b. 1865
5. Samuel Mclaren b. 1867
6. Alexander Mclaren b. 1869 d.1884
7. William Mclaren b. 1871
8. David Mclaren b. 1873


Stay Tuned :P More to come

Monday, November 14, 2011


The Mckee line :)
I'm going to try my best NOT to confuse you (I said try lol...) If I confused you just shoot me an email and I will be glad to explain with more detail.  It would help to read my Mathews line first since that is what gives us Mckees. You see, the closest of MY relatives in this line is Christina McKee who married Harold Lovett Mathews in 1915. Starting with Christina McKee (my Great Great Grandma). Maiden names are in ( )

Christina Mathews (McKee)
Born: June 18,1892
In: Somerville, MA
Click here to see a copy of her birth
Parents: James Mckee & Christina Mclaren
Married: Harold Lovett Mathews on Aug. 3, 1915 in Somerville, MA
Children: Harold Mathews born. 1917 (click on name to see the Mathews Line)
1900 US Census
1910 Census

James McKee
Born: Dec. 1862
In: Scotland 
Parents: John McKee & Ann (unknown maiden name)
Married: Christina Mclaren in 1885
1. Isabella Day (McKee) b. 1888 m. Alonzo Gilman Day
2. Christina Mathews (McKee)

John McKee
(More info needed)

If you have any information on this Line especially John McKee and his wife Ann please email me at: