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I love doing the Tenney line! 

Carrie Appleton Mathews (Tenney)
Born: Aug. 26, 1870 in Chelsea, MA
Parents: Elder Edward Payson Tenney & Sarah Frances Badger
Married: David Mathews
Died: Currently Unknown
2. Ester Mathews
3. Eva Mathews
4.Mildred Mathews
name:Carrie A. Tenney
residence:Linden, Union, New Jersey
birthplace:Massachusetts, United States
relationship to head:Daughter
spouse's name:
spouse's birthplace:
father's name:Edward P. Tenney
father's birthplace:Massachusetts, United States
mother's name:Sarah F. Tenney
mother's birthplace:Massachusetts, United States
race or color (expanded):White
ethnicity (standardized):American
martial status:Single
age (expanded):9 years
nara film number:T9-0801
page character:C
entry number:1257
film number:1254801

Elder Edward Payson Tenney

Born:  Sep 16 1844 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Parents: John Haskell Tenney & Caroline Appleton
Married: Sarah Frances Badger Sept. 19, 1886 in Chelsea, Suffolk, MA
Died: Currently Unknown
1.Edward Trask Tenney b. 1868 d. 1871
2. Carrie Appleton Mathews (Tenney) b.1870
3. Marion Louise b. 1874

Edward P. Tenney, was the pastor of the First Congregational Church at Ashland, Massachusetts and was asked to become the second president of Colorado College in the spring of 1876. He was educated at Pembroke Academy, at Dartmouth College and at Bangor and Andover Theological Seminaries. In 1868-69 he had served as pastor of the Congregational Church in Central City, Colorado. His ideas encompassed the "new" educational concept emphasizing the practical aspects of a college education. Tenney was also given the charge to raise funds. He did this from four other Congregationalists from the Boston area. To publicize the college, Tenney published a pamphlet entitled The New West which was widely read in the East. 

John Haskell Tenney
Born: Dec. 1, 1808 in Newburyport, MA
Parents: Deacon Samuel Tenney & Deborah Pearson
Married: Carrie Appleton on May 8, 1839
Occupation: Ship Chandler
Died: Nov. 19, 1882
1. Edward Payson Tenney b. 1844

After Caroline died he remarried  Betsey Thompson Buck. In 1829 he moved to Boston,a ships chandler, learning the buisness of Samuel Goodrich, entering into partnership in 1836; the partner died 5 months later and he formed another partnership with Edward E. Rice of Boston, a firm well known for many years.

Deacon Samuel Tenney

Born: Jan. 9, 1777 in Newburyport, MA
Parents: Samuel Tenney & Mary Brown
Married: Deborah Pearson on April 18, 1799
Died: Nov. 25, 1854 in Boston, MA
Age at death: 77
Cause of Death: Aneurysm

1. Deacon Samuel Newell Tenney b. 1802 d. 1867
2. John Haskell Tenney b. 1808 d. 1882

The following is also quoted from our genealogy:
"Elder Samuel Tenney, grandson of Thomas, was accustomed to pray earnestly for his children and children's children's children to the latest generation."

He removed 18 Apr., 1826, to Salem street,
Boston, Mass., and was one of the founders of Salem Street Church, also
its senior deacon, which office he filled with unabated interest until very
near the close of his life. He was the prince of hospitality, and eminently
efficient, exemplary, and conscientious. In the transaction of business he
possessed good judgment, energy, punctuality, and incorruptible integrity,
and for twenty-eight years was the assistant president of the Merchants'
Insurance Company. ** His pen was constantly in his hand, and bushels of
manuscripts emphasize his systematic and staunch puritanic cast of mind."
He had a taste for genealogical and family record, and had published sheet
No. 2, arranged according to plan No. I., by Rev. C. J. Tenney, D. D.
Before removing to Boston, at Parson Wood's reception. Madam Tenney
was pronounced the handsomest and best-dressed woman ; the deacon had
brought his wife a new silk dress from Boston. She died 20 Jan., 1856.
Deacon Tenney died 25 Nov., 1854.

Samuel Tenney

Born: Sept. 15, 1748 in Ipswich, MA
Parents: Thomas Tenney and Hannah Boynton 
Married: Mary Brown on Aug. 5, 1770
Occupation: Doctor
Died:  Sept. 18, 1781 in Newburyport, MA
1.Deacon Samuel Tenney b. 1777


Thomas Tenney
Born: July 7, 1721 in Rowley, MA
Parents: Samuel Tenney & Sarah Duty
Married: Hannah Boynton in 1745
Died: 1762
1. Samuel Tenney b. 1748


They were received into full communion
of the First Church of Rowley 10 July, 1748. (Church Record.) He was
a member of the first foot company ** train band " of sixty-five men under
Captain Northand, 16 May, 1757. (Gage, 209: 10.) Again in 1759, under
Captain Thomas Poor.

Samuel Tenney
Born: Aug. 21, 1692 in Rowley, MA
Parents: Thomas Tenney & Margret
Married: Sarah Duty on Dec. 18, 1718
On  Nov. 1719 he was a Cooper

An example of a Cooper's Workshop

Died: Dec. 21, 1747
1. Thomas Tenney b. 1721
He also fought alongside of his father in the Narragansett war. In 1735 he received a land grant in Maine.

Thomas Tenney

Born: July 16, 1648 in Rowley, MA
Parents: Thomas Tenney & Ann Mighill
Married: Margaret Hidden
Occupation: Soldier 
Died: Aug. 7, 1730 in Rowley, MA
They had a ton of them lol so I'm not going to list them all now. If you would like the list comment on this post.
1. Samuel Tenney b.1692
Fought in the  Narragansett war.

Thomas Tenney

Born: 1614 in Yorkshire, England
Parents: Francis Tenney & Jane
Married: Ann Mighill
He held numerous town offices  [1
  • Warner of town meetings, 1650, 53, 60, 61, 66
    Overseer of plains, 1656, 64, 71
    Selectman, 1660, 61, 70
    Viewer of fences, highways and chimneys, 1669
    Constable, 1665, 66
    Tithingman, 1680
    He is called ensign and marshall in 1653-66
Died:Feb. 20, 1699
Buried: Old Cemetery, Bradford, MA

1.Thomas Tenney b. 1648
THOMAS TENNEY, a member of the Reverend Ezekiel Rogers' com- 
pany from Yorkshire, England, arrived at Salem, Mass., in December, 
1638, and settled at Rowley, Mass., in April, 1639. (Gage's Hist. Rowley.) 
In a deposition taken at Ipswich, Mass., 4 May, 1680, Mr. Tenney testifies 
in relation to an ox pasture in Rowley, and at that date he gave his age as 
about sixty-six years. (Ipswich Deeds, 4:329.) This would have made 
him twenty-four years old when he emigrated to America with his wife Ann, 
who was mentioned in the will of Deacon Thomas Mighill of Rowley, 
Mass., as " sister Ann Tenney." (Early Settlers of Rowley.) The said will 
was dated 1 1 June, 1654. Mrs. Tenney was buried 26 September, 1657. He 

married 24 February, 1658, his second wife, Elizabeth, widow of Francis Par- 
rat of Rowley. It does not appear that they had children. Mrs. Elizabeth 
Tenney received by bequest of Reverend Ezekiel Rogers ;£io in 1 660-1. 

In the survey of the town of Rowley in 1643 ^^ acre-and-a-half house-lot 
on Homes street was registered to Thomas Tenney, " bounded on the south 
side by John Haseltine's house-lot, and the east end by the streete." (Gage, 
123.) It was bounded on the north side by the two-acre house-lot of Rob- 
ert Haseltine. This lot is now owned and occupied by the Primes, having 
been purchased of Daniel Tenney by Mark Prime in 1701, and has had a 
store thereon ever since. It is now bounded on the south by the home- 
stead of George B. Blodgette, Esq. The house erected by Thomas Tenney, 
Senior, was torn down by Captain Daniel N. Prime in 1838. " In a Survey 
of the Several Gates or Commonages belonging vnto The Severall Inhab- 
itants of the Town of Rowley as They are now in possession," taken 4 Feb- 
ruary, 1 661, are the following entries to Thomas Tenney and his wife, 
Elizabeth : — 

" To Thomas Tenney as to an acre and halfe lot and one gate 

given by the towne, two and halfe ." 2-halfe. 

purchased of francis parrat, one gate i-gate. 

purchased of the town, one halfe gate halfe gate. 

To Elizabeth Tenney allias parrat, as belonging to francis parrat's 

two two Acre lot, seaven gates vnsold 7 Gates. 

purchased of William hobson Sixe gates 6 gates." 

In 1667, by division of the Island marshes, he received land. (Gage, 
1 50-1.) In 1670, by division of Merrimack land, he received land. (Gage, 
347-8.) In a division of 1673-4 he received land. (Gage, 138.) There was 
no settlement on the lot northwest of Simon's Brook until after the day of 
Thomas Tenney, Senior, (Blodgette.) This lot is one-half mile east of Long 
Hill, and is now owned by Mrs. M. J. (Tenney) Hathaway. The town 
records style him Ensi^^Mar shall vck 1653-66; Warner of town meetings, 
1650-53-60-61-66; Overseer of plains, 1656-64-71 ; Selectman, 1660-61-70; 
Viewer of fences, highways, and chimneys, 1669; Constable, 1665-66; Tith- 
ingman, 1680. Several records of intervening years are lost, and there 
are no records of admission to the church for a period of twenty-six years. 
The church record may have been lost in the conflagration of Rev. Mr. 
Rogers' house. Thomas Tenney is in the list of church members under 
date of 1669, and may have been long a member. The last years of hi^ life 
were passed in Bradford, Mass., as seen by deed, viz. : " Thomas Tenney of 
Bradford (a gift) to Eldest son John Tenney of Bradford, sixty acres of land 
in Bradford, now in possession of John Wood, also three acres of meadow 
at Crane Pond in Rowley, also six acres . . . also one and one fourth 
arcre . . . also six acres and 2 cow-gates; "dated 15 June, 1694. (Essex 
Deeds, 13:119.) He died in Bradford 20 February, 1 699-1 700, and is buried 
in the Old Cemetery, where his grave is marked by a dark slate-stone. 

Came to USA on the ship John of London

Our English home was Rowley, County of Yorkshire, England. It is situated near the great waterway, the River Humber, an estuary of the North Sea. Rowley is six miles from the south bank of the Humber, twenty miles inland from Spurn Head, and three hundred feet above sea level. It is delightfully located on the top of high hills called the "Yorkshire Wolds."

A letter written in 1852 by a lawyer residing near Rowley, describes the place as follows:
"Rowley is a small hamlet with not more than a dozen houses and some fifty to sixty inhabitants who are engaged in agriculture. It has neither trade nor institutions. Relatively, it was undoubtedly a more important place in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries than it is at the present time. The church parish is comprised of four other hamlets in addition to Rowley."

Source Info:

The Tenney family, or, The descendants of Thomas Tenney of Rowley ...

By Martha Jane Tenney, Jonathan Tenney


Mclaren..Mclaren...Mclaren...as always I'm going to start with the closest relative to me and move onward from there. 
Hope this helps!
Maiden names are in the parenthesis.
Christina McKee (Mclaren)
Born: May 1st, 1865 in New Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
Parents: Robert Mclaren & Christina Earle(s)
Married: James McKee in 1885
Died: Date Currently Unknown.
1. Isabella McKee b. 1891

Robert Mclaren
Born: 1836 in Ireland
Parents: Robert Mclaren & Janet Hillend
Married: Christina Earle(s) on Sept. of 1854 in New Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
groom's name:Robert Mclaren
groom's birth date:
groom's birthplace:
groom's age:
bride's name:Christina Earl
bride's birth date:
bride's birthplace:
bride's age:
marriage date:Sep 1854
marriage place:New Monkland, Lanark, Scotland
groom's father's name:
groom's mother's name:
bride's father's name:
bride's mother's name:
groom's race:
groom's marital status:
groom's previous wife's name:
bride's race:
bride's marital status:
bride's previous husband's name:
indexing project (batch) number:M19602-1
system origin:Scotland-ODM
source film number:1066601

Occupation: Spirit Merchant
Died: March 11, 1888
1. Robert Mclaren b. 1856
2. James Mclaren b. 1861
3. John Mclaren b. 1862
4. Christina Mckee (Mclaren)b. 1865
5. Samuel Mclaren b. 1867
6. Alexander Mclaren b. 1869 d.1884
7. William Mclaren b. 1871
8. David Mclaren b. 1873


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