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Surname Doucett or Doucet

So I have a funny story to share about this last name. Supposedly, my Great-Great Grandmother Evelyn Tait (Doucett) swore that the man she married Elsmore Guy Doucett was not of the French Doucett's and in fact was an English man. However, that was not found to be the case at all. He was in fact Canadian/French and his ancestors came from France. I guess maybe it was the time period when the English didn't like the French because Evelyn herself was English and marring a French guy was probably a "No-No". Now I'm going to move forward with the Doucett (which the last name changes a few times through history but is of the same origin). As always, if you have any comments/corrections or questions don't hesitate to let me know!
This means later shown in post
Starting with the closest Doucett in my line
Elsmore Guy Doucett 

Born: Nov. 19, 1883
In: New Brunswick, Canada
Parents: James Wellington Doucett and Sarah Pearson 
Occupation: Worked for Southern Pacific Co. Conductor
Died: May 1953
In: Reno, NV
Married: Evelyn F. Tait on Dec. 27,1911 in Boston, MA (Later Divorced)
Marguerite Evelyn b. 1915 d. 2002
Winifred Madeline Doucett (Born: 10 Nov 1913) (Died Young)

Remarried to:
Catherine "Carrie" J.
Lived in Nevada for 33 years

James Wellington Doucett
Born: March 22, 1853
In: New Brunswick, Canada
Parents: Joseph Doucett and Phoebe Brewster
Married: Sarah Pearson on Nov. 18, 1876 in New Brunswick, Canada
Occupation: Ship Carpenter
Religion: Baptist
Nationality: French
Died: Date currently Unknown
1.Elsmore Guy Doucett (shown above)

Also mispelled as doucette or dowsett. Info and all dates match.

1910 Lived at:
East Eagle St., Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA

21 Lexington St., East Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Joseph Doucett (Dowsett)
Born: 1808
In: Nova Scotia, Canada
Parents: Pierre Doucett Jr. and Isabelle Pitre
Married: Phoebe Brewster in 1849 in New Brunswick, Canada
Died: Feb 13, 1893
In: New Brunswick, Canada
Buried:Marys Point, Harvey Parish
1. Martha Ann
2. William Ambrose
3. Joseph E.
4. James Wellington

Pierre Doucet, Jr.
Born: April, 6,1776
In: Miscou, Gloucester, New Brunswick, Canada
Baptized:  29 Sep 1776 
Parents: Pierre Doucett, Sr and Marie Hache Gallant
Married: Isabelle Pitre Aug. 21, 1820 in Saint Pierre-Aux-Liens, Caraquet, Gloucester, New Brunswick
Died: Date Unknown
IN: Caraquet, Gloucester, New Brunswick, Canada
1. Joseph Doucett

Notes: In desperate need of a copy of this birth certificate and any other info relating to how this person went on in life and the date/cause of death.

Pierre Doucett, Sr.
Born: 1751
IN: Nova Scotia, Canada
Parents: Charles Doucett and Anne Arsenault

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